Its Snowing Flowers!

Its winter time which means all winter everything, including weddings. There’s plenty of different ways to execute this look and feel. You can change it up with colors, you can have rustic Winter or glam winter. Let your creativity soar! Let the season inspire you! Unless you live south like I do, I say use google images for inspiration (lol).

For this winter head table I thought of my winters back in Connecticut. Hiking after a snow fall was one of my favorite things to do. The forest was filled with a blanket of white, the sky was a light grey and the branches of the trees gave a dark brown design through all the white fluffy snow with icicles dangling from them.

With that image I began to paint a picture of how this table should look. The grey from the sky I used for the table cloth. A nice change from the classic white which made the “snow” I sprinkled around the candles stand out. I used taper candles in clear glass holders with different heights, they reminded me of the icicles. I used branches like the ones I would see in the forests of Connecticut and intertwined them around the candles which was also the perfect way to add a little color to the grey and white. Last but not least I wanted it to snow. Well not really, or at least not actual snowflakes but instead flower petals, making the table seem whimsical and magical.

Let nature inspire your design! Take pictures of your surroundings, Find what you love about the season and include it in your special day. Let that be the backdrop to your fairytale. Think out of the box and in to the forest, ocean or wherever.