Bigger Isn't Always Better

I think we all picture our wedding day the way they are in movies. Doors open, your heart drops and a sea of faces look at you in awe as you walk down the aisle. Most of us dream of a big wedding, lord knows I did before I became I planner. A big wedding means less one on one time with your guests. Think of it this way, the average wedding can be 150 people give or take. Let’s say you give each guest 2 minutes of your time and times that by the number of guests. That’s 5 hrs of time for 150 guests at two minutes each! Let’s not forget the time it takes for pictures, toasts, dances, so on and so forth. Some brides even forget to eat! I can’t tell you how many full plates of food I have seen on the head table!

In some instances, having a big wedding is inevitable or sometimes you just want a big wedding and that’s ok! If you want a big wedding I say do it!! Here are some tips on how to manage your guests while enjoying your time.

  • Have distractions. Keep your guests entertained the entire night so you don’t have to! One simple way is the infamous photo booth. People love photo booths. Not only will they be distracted but they’ll have a nice souvenir to bring home. There are plenty of creative ways to distract your guests. I once went to a barnyard wedding where you got to ride on a horse and buggy!

  • Opt to have the “first look” and get most of your pictures over with before the Ceremony begins. It’ll save you more time to enjoy your reception. Therefore giving you more time with your guests.

  • I always suggest hiring a "Day-of Coordinator". The Day-of Coordinator not only will ensure everything runs smoothly but will be the one to make sure everything runs in a timely fashion, giving you more time. That person will guide your guests to where they must go and direct all your vendors so you wont have to.

For my big wedding bride and grooms I hope these pointers will help you. Marriage with the “one” only happens once. Don’t get consumed with all the hustle and bustle. ENJOY your special day! Make plans on how to accommodate your guests and of course yourselves. Plan ahead or hire someone to do that for you. Never forget what is important, celebrating your love!!