It's Your Wedding, Not Mine!

Brides have this fear and misconception of what planners do. In movies, Event planners are portrayed as controlling and over bearing. Brides are afraid that a planner will take control of their special day. What brides don’t know is the wedding planner isn’t the one you have to worry about.

Too many times you see and hear family and sometimes friends taking over the wedding. Even before the real planning begins your mind is on over load of opinions and ideas.  On TV shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” and “My Fair wedding” by David Tutera(who I love by the way) you see the constant struggle between the loved ones and the Bride. Sometimes you see family taking over, causing unwanted stress.  What is a bride and groom to do in this situation?

Here are some suggestions:

  • First things first, always remember why you are getting married and what’s really important. You don’t want the wedding to be the cause of the divorce (kidding lol). But seriously, you don’t want unwanted tension between you and your partner. It’s all about the love not the wedding. The wedding is just the celebration and the commitment but without the wedding the love is always there.
  • Make a list of things you and your partner want and don’t want. DO NOT cave in. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. We all want to make everyone happy. The truth is you can’t. It’s your day – always remember that.
  • Hire a planner. Remember, planners like myself have experience with these types of situations. Not only will we be a mediator for you and your family, but we will give you expert advice on how to deal with these situations and make your ceremony and reception run smoothly. Plus, we will always have your back! Well, at least this planner anyways ;)

Ultimately the people we love want the best for us, they just want to be a part of something important. Let them know you appreciate their opinions and you will take their ideas in to consideration. Remember my advice - I wish you luck. 

Happy Planning!