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The Boss Bride

Miami bride at Deering Estate with tropical wedding bouquet

Hi i’m Anna

The first time I meet Anna Anisin she was single. I met her through my Fiancé, in fact he worked for her. CEO of a marketing agency, she had her Instagram model pup named Vonnie (seriously check him out @Vonniethepup) in hand. She was a woman who definitely knew what she wanted and went for it. Anna is a Russian Blonde; she was wearing a sun hat with big black glasses. She was both sophisticated and fun. Anna was already very much established in her life but what she was searching for was a partner to build a family with. She told me about her search for love and I assured her love would find her when she least expected it. I was (of course) correct. 

Luxury blush and white tropical wedding bouquet on plush vintage velvet chair

The Australian

I’ll never forget when she met Mitch. I remember when they went on their second date. He brought her on a picnic at the beach and guess what? Lucky for her he was a chef - an amazing chef at that. He wooed her with his cooking skills, Australian accent, and good looks. I knew then he was the one she was looking for. My bridal senses were tingling. I remember talking to Jeremy about it.

Me: “Its him, they’ll get married!”
Jeremy: “How do you know?”
Me: “You’ll see”.

They began to spend lots of time together and shared their love for experiences. Mitch and Anna are different, but as we all know opposites attract kind and together they complete each other.

Creative floral cascade down wedding cake with flamingo topper


The first florals I did for Anna was her birthday party. That was the night Mitch told her he loved her. It was also the night Anna told me she wanted me to design her wedding when she got married. It meant a lot to me and I felt so honored that someone I looked up to would choose me. Anna has high expectations but when she believes in you it’s because she sees something in you she can trust.  A few months later guess who contacted me for a surprise engagement? Mitch! And after that was the beginning of the creation of a beautiful Deering estate wedding. 

Miami bride Anna with groom Mitch at their Deering Estate wedding


The wedding took place at the historic and beautiful Deering estate on 8/8/18 (8 is Annas lucky number) . The décor of this tropical chic wedding was inspired by the glitz and glamour of Miami in the 1920s. We wanted it to look like the wedding took place in the gardens of a paradise villa. Blush and pink flowers were chosen to resemble Miami sunsets. Tropical greenery was used to tie in the lush gardens surrounding the property. Gold goblets and chargers gave the tablescape a grandiose look and matched the era of the venue. Not only did I help create this beautiful event, but I got to experience it as a guest. Guests were welcomed with a coconut signature drink. The ceremony took place facing Biscayne Bay. A sea of faces with teary eyes looked on as the story of Anna and Mitch reached its happily ever after. 

Tropical floral centerpiece sits among golden goblets, flatware, and gilded plates as a luxury wedding tablescape at Derring Estate in Miami

Not friends but family

Anna and Mitch are happily married and Jeremy is Head of Marketing Operations in her company. Anna and I have spent many holidays and trips together. I’m still her florist and also creative designer for her product shoots. The boss bride is not only a story about two people in love but also of a florist and a bride becoming family. Anna if you are reading this, I want you to know I love you very much and I’m so happy I got to be part of your story and see you get your happily ever after. Thank you for always believing in me, you are a great friend.

Christopher Plaza presents tropical wedding bouquet to Anna, his Miami bride

The End