Things people don’t tell you about your Engagement

Beautiful photos taken in The Biltmore Hotel coral gables Miami Florida Photography by laylle digital media

Chritoper Plaza kisses his fiancé at the Biltmore Hotel ballroom in Miami Florida while holding a rose

I recently got engaged to the love of my life. I must say this has been an experience like no other. I think we all at one point wondered what this part of our lives would be like. So I thought I would write a little about my experience and give advice to those who need it or will need it in the future. There are so many feelings that come with this chapter of your life. It may surprise you but it deffinently will change you.

All Love stories are different

We all have imagined in our head of how our engagement happens. Maybe you pictured a room full of candles in a château in Paris with a piano playing as your fiancé goes down on one knee. It’s quite possible that your partner may just ask you in your living room while wearing pajamas. Let’s face it, not everyone is marrying Mr. Grey. Even if the engagement itself was magical, after everything goes back to normal. In my career I have meet so many couples. Some have very interesting stories and others, not so much but theres one big thing in common …. love. Love is beautiful all on its own. Not everything is like they are in the movies. No matter how it happened our love stories are beautiful. Even if you’re in pj’s ;).

Relationships will grow and some will fade

We all experience things in different ways but I think we can all agree that as we grow people grow with us or drift apart. Not everyone is going to be happy for you. Its a hard pill to swallow, but its not because of you. Its very difficult for some people to be happy for someone else when they are not happy themselves. Some may feel as though you’re riding off to into the sunset and leaving them. On the other hand those relationships that truly matter will grow. In my experience this part of my life reminded me of my true friendships. Not only do they get to be there for such a great time in your life but they will be there for you when things get tough. Any transition in life is going to teach you many lessons. You are growing and just like a rose as you blossom petals will fall to allow you to open to your fullest.

Its exciting and scary

In my experience this has been such an exciting time in my life but I would be lying if I said it didn’t scare me. Even though I knew Jeremy wanted to marry me I was afraid he would freak out and walk away. He didn't and it was the most magical moment in my life. Our relationship changed, we were no longer just boyfriends, he’s my fiancé and it was time for us to start acting like husbands. Planning a wedding is fun and exciting (just like marriage) but once you start crunching numbers and writing a guest list, this is the time things start getting real. We both have had our moments but at the end we know with all of our heart we want to live the rest of our lives together. So when things get scary look towards each other not away. Do things at your pace, Together you can do anything.

Things change

For the most part everything is the way it was. Your routine is the same, none of your problems go away and yes you’ll get on each other’s nerves from time to time. There’s a few things that do change. Theres this feeling of security and validation you get from your partner knowing you made the official choice to take the next step. Everything you worked for in this relationship is paying off and growing into something so beautiful. Just when you didn’t think you could love each other any more, BOOM it grew. Fiance …. you won’t get tired of saying that for a while, I know I haven’t. You start evaluating your choices and thinking, damn I did good. This is it, you are now transitioning in to building a marraige. There a shift in a relationship that you can feel radiating from each other. You’ll see a different side to your partner and most importantly in yourself.

The silver lining 

You’re getting married! This is your engagement and your fiancé and yourself are changing for the better. This staple in your life will prepare you for what’s to come. You are starting a new chapter and it’s natural to experience different emotions. Some relationships will grow and the people you let go will make room for the positive things in life. Most importantly stay present. This is a beautiful time in your life and if you are not careful it will fly by you. Only you can make you happy and now you have someone who is going to be by your side forever. To whoever is reading this have a beautiful day and most importantly love yourself.