LGBTQ+ And Getting Married in 2019


The wedding industry is evolving and becoming more diverse and inclusive. Ever since gay marriage became legal in all 50 states four years ago the LGBTQ+ community no longer is invisible. Over time, it became more common to see non-straight narratives in advertisements and more industries have shown their support, but unfortunately we still have a long way to go. This dawned on me one day as I experienced what it is like to feel uncomfortable while looking for a wedding vendor. Still, there’s a lot of positive things that have happened over the years so here’s a little of my experience. I also included advice for those of you who are in the industry on how to become a better LGBTQ+ Ally.

Photography by  Juan Saco Mironoff

Photography by Juan Saco Mironoff

Mr. & Mrs. 

One thing I always thought was tacky were the Mr. and Mrs. signs – at least until I walked into a store and saw Mr. and Mr. gift bags. I had never seen them casually displayed anywhere before. It’s nice to see how inclusive the market has become. Now, you see cards for same-sex couples, cake toppers, all types of merchandise that never existed before. But as great as it is to see more inclusive items, sometimes they can still make people uncomfortable. A venue I visited had a Mr. & Mrs. sign hammered to their wall. As a same-sex couple (speaking for Jeremy and myself) it’s not a problem to see something like this, but when it’s permanently attached to the wall it shows my partner and I that you never thought to cater to same sex couples. So if you yourself own a business, keep in mind if you have novelty bridal items such as Mr. & Mrs. and no same-sex selection it looks as though you are not an ally or comfortable working with same-sex couples. Just something to keep in mind – a little effort goes a long way. 


Say yes to the dress 

One scary experience for same-sex couples is showing up to a vendor meeting with your partner and having the vendor look at you in shock. I had an experience like this that I want to forget, but it happened to Jeremy and me. I made the mistake of not mentioning my fiancé was a man. Luckily, we have mostly had vendors greet us with open arms, and so have other same-sex couples we know. Jeremy’s cousin was afraid of poor treatment when calling to reserve slots for her and her fiancé Nicole’s wedding dress fitting. She wanted to mention that they were a same-sex couple on the phone to one bridal shop but before she could say it, the associate asked if they were and made them feel totally comfortable. This made them feel good, because there is always a fear someone might make you feel unwanted.  No one wants to made feel different or ashamed for who they love.

Photography by  Manolo Doreste

Photography by Manolo Doreste

Gay wedding

Some people get so excited when they hear about gay weddings. Their curiosity gets the better of them. They ask things like: Who is the bride? The groom? Is it the same as a heterosexual wedding? The answer is none of that matters. All weddings are the same, it’s two people are taking a vow to be together forever. It’s not a gay wedding – it’s a wedding. Most traditions are the same but same sex couples tend to be a little less traditional. In the LGBTQ+ community we try and be inclusive with everyone. We try not to label everything and everyone in masculine/feminine terms. So let’s shy away from assuming it’s always bride/groom. Instead ask: Are you the bride? And your what’s your fiancé’s name? Do this instead of handing over a form to fill out with the words bride and groom printed on it. 

Photography by  laylledigitalmedia

Photography by laylledigitalmedia

The key to being an ally is simply showing a bit of support. Treat the LGBTQ+ community with the same respect as one would for any other couple. We are all human and I am a firm believer that we are here to love. Let’s break away from our old school  thoughts of only man/ woman weddings. Not everyone is the same, and together we can make the world more inclusive and an overall better place.

Bigger Isn't Always Better


I think we all picture our wedding day the way they are in movies. Doors open, your heart drops and a sea of faces look at you in awe as you walk down the aisle. Most of us dream of a big wedding, lord knows I did before I became I planner. A big wedding means less one on one time with your guests. Think of it this way, the average wedding can be 150 people give or take. Let’s say you give each guest 2 minutes of your time and times that by the number of guests. That’s 5 hrs of time for 150 guests at two minutes each! Let’s not forget the time it takes for pictures, toasts, dances, so on and so forth. Some brides even forget to eat! I can’t tell you how many full plates of food I have seen on the head table!

In some instances, having a big wedding is inevitable or sometimes you just want a big wedding and that’s ok! If you want a big wedding I say do it!! Here are some tips on how to manage your guests while enjoying your time

Photo Booth: Dipp Photo Booth    planner :Events with a promise
  • Have distractions. Keep your guests entertained the entire night so you don’t have to! One simple way is the infamous photo booth (Dipp Photo Booth). People love photo booths. Not only will they be distracted but they’ll have a nice souvenir to bring home. There are plenty of creative ways to distract your guests. I once went to a barnyard wedding where you got to ride on a horse and buggy!

  • Opt to have the “first look” and get most of your pictures over with before the Ceremony begins. It’ll save you more time to enjoy your reception. Therefore giving you more time with your guests.

planner: oh my occasions
  • I always suggest hiring a "Day-of Coordinator" (Oh My Occasions) . The Day-of Coordinator not only will ensure everything runs smoothly but will be the one to make sure everything runs in a timely fashion, giving you more time. That person will guide your guests to where they must go and direct all your vendors so you wont have to.


For my big wedding bride and grooms I hope these pointers will help you. Marriage with the “one” only happens once. Don’t get consumed with all the hustle and bustle. ENJOY your special day! Make plans on how to accommodate your guests and of course yourselves. Plan ahead or hire someone to do that for you. Never forget what is important, celebrating your love!!

The Story Of Us

Gay Bingo

Three years ago I left my family, my friends, everything I knew in search of love and happiness. I lived in Connecticut my entire life and felt like I didn’t belong. I lived in Miami for less than three months when I started to volunteer for a non profit organization organizing their yearly gala. Thats when I meet him, Jeremy Mason. I first heard him speak on the phone and I was so intimidated by him, though I never saw his face - he spoke so eloquently and refined. It wasn’t until one fateful night that my friend Kevin dragged me out to “Gay Bingo” where drag queens called out the bingo numbers and they offered shots to all who participated. Thats when I saw him, and I will never forget that moment. The first thing I noticed was his piercing green eyes and bright smile. I felt a spark between us even though I convinced myself he wasn’t my type. I enjoyed seeing him blush as I flashed my pearly whites. It felt good to have someone so smart be so smitten over me. It was then I invited him for tacos with my friends. And right when we got to tacos, I realized that I never put more money in the parking meter! So I left, not even leaving him a glass slipper. I did however take the taco.

Photography by  Vanessa Velez Photography  and  Enuel Viera Photography  wedding Sweet heart table arrangement flowers in Curtiss Mansion Miami Fl

The Balloons

Jeremy was persistent. He invited me to the beach which I later cancelled to travel back to Connecticuit for the birth of my nephew. When I came back, we finally had the opportunity to open up at a birthday party my friend threw for me . It was then we got lost in each others eyes. We spoke about our dreams, our ambitions, where we wanted to travel. That night was the first time we kissed and from then on we were together everyday. We had long talks in a bathtub filled with candles, explored parts of Florida I had never seen. It wasn’t until he left on a weeklong work trip that I started to realize I was falling In love. I needed to show Jeremy my feelings, but how? Then one of the most memorable things happened, the night of the balloons. When Jeremy came back I left a note hanging that said “pop each balloon with fork and read the messages inside”. I hung balloons from the ceiling leading up to the bedroom. When he popped each ballon confetti would burst out and each one had a message. When he reached the bedroom it was filled with candles and Sam Smith “Lay Me Down” was playing. That was the first time we danced to that song. A month later under a pink and orange Miami sunset we said “I love you” for the first time.

Chris and Jeremy in front of wedding arch with beautiful flowers at the Curtiss Mansion

The Next Step

Fast forward moving in together, meeting our families, and making a life together - we talked about the next step, engagement. I’ve dreamt of getting married since I was a little boy playing with flowers in my father’s garden and I knew Jeremy was the one. So I waited for him to ask me. Until one day I told my sister I wanted to beat him to it. “You know this is the 10th time you told me this, Chris. You’re going to do it, I know you!” she said. It was then I realized what I had to do and a week later I had a ring in my hand and the planning process began. It was one of the most stressful, nerve racking, emotional times in my life. I planned every detail. I would recreate the moment with the balloons but this time the messages would have a location where something significant happened in our relationship. The last balloon however was a new location, the location was where I would wait for him. Underneath that balloon I would lay out his clothes I bought for him and his travel journal he wrote in when he traveled in Asia. I would write a love letter hinting what was going to happen next and tell him to meet me at the location written in the message. When he reached the location a violinist would play our song – “Lay Me Down”– and I would be waiting under a beautiful floral installation (made by me of course) and a massive muslin scroll with the letter I wrote, written by a calligrapher. The morning of the proposal I woke up. I had never been so happy or ready in my entire life. As While I created the floral installation alone, and I reminisced on all the memories we had made together. After today we would start a new chapter.

beautiful love letter calligraphy b y

The Letter

Remember the first time we got lost in each other’s eyes? The whole world melted around us and nothing was left but you and me. Since that day every embrace, every kiss, every memory has written a love story named after us. Since I meet you my life has been an adventure, one I never thought was possible. Our love is written in the stars and there are moments we have spent together that some only read about in books and hear in love songs. You have always looked for adventure, and I ask are you ready for the next chapter? Do you take me forever? This time I leave you with something to find me, maybe not a glass slipper but a trail of balloons leading to an address. There I will be waiting.

gay dream engagement surrounded by wedding flowers

The Proposal

As my photo was being taken inside the venue I could see his car pull in to the parking lot. My heart dropped – it was go time. I ran through the courtyard to where my most beautiful creation, built with love, was waiting. As I stood there, ring in hand, I could hear the door from the courtyard open and close. “He’s here!” I could hear someone say. That’s when the violinist started playing and I could see him walking towards me in awe and disbelief. I grabbed his hand and said the words I had practiced a hundred times. It wasn’t until I said “Will you make me the happiest man alive…” where everything turned vivid and then melted away where nothing was left but Jeremy. His eyes were the same piercing green I had seen when I saw him for the first time, and for a moment I felt like I relived that moment. Only this time I was in love and I was about to ask him to take me forever. “…And marry me” I said, finishing my sentence as I went on one knee. Everything after that was a blur. I remember hearing him say yes and hugging him. We both shook as we held each other crying. I remember feeling so overwhelmed with joy I couldn’t stop kissing him. This was it, the moment we had been waiting for and it was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

gay wedding flowers miami fl

Today, Tomorrow, Forever

I am so lucky for far more than this beautiful story that has unfolded. I meet my prince and he is far better than I had ever dreamt. I don’t know how our story will continue. We haven’t decided on a wedding date or picked out colors, but we have the rest of our lives to have a wedding. We are just enjoying this moment, dreaming of forever. Jeremy, you are far more than any fairytale prince, more than a dream engagement. I have the privilege of waking up everyday with you next to me and growing old with you. I love you, now and forever.

4 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses And The Dreamer Who Created Them

Photography: @ findinglightphotography   Dress  @dorasasu   Florals @thebridecandy  Planner @ ohmyoccasions   Hair/makeup @ tashymariemakeup   Model @ camicuesta _  Stationary @ tintaypulso   Venue @ penthouserw

Photography: @findinglightphotography
Dress @dorasasu
Florals @thebridecandy
Planner @ohmyoccasions
Hair/makeup @tashymariemakeup
Model @camicuesta_
Stationary @tintaypulso
Venue @penthouserw

Dora Sasu is a wedding dress designer born and raised in Romania and now residing in Miami Florida. Dora’s soul is as beautiful as the wedding dresses she designs. Her story is written in her dresses which she has named after the people she loves. This is a story about 4 dresses and a childhood dream turned reality. Let’s get to know her and the dresses she creates.

Styling and planning  @socoalicea  Photo:  @ericamelissa_  Floral design:  @rodristudio  Venue:  @thetemplehouse  Makeup & Hair:  @katytc  Headpiece:  @roxlynch  Model:  @camicuesta_  Dress:  @dorasasu

Styling and planning @socoalicea
Photo: @ericamelissa_
Floral design: @rodristudio
Venue: @thetemplehouse
Makeup & Hair: @katytc
Headpiece: @roxlynch
Model: @camicuesta_
Dress: @dorasasu

The Lilian

Dora has been sewing by hand since she was seven years old. She would sneak into her mothers closet and take old clothes so she could sew dresses for her dolls. The Lilian dress was named after Dora‘s mother. Dora’s design style is sexy and elegant. So to reflect her mothers graceful reserved persona this dress is the most modest of her collection. The beading of the dress has no sparkle but adds beauty and texture to the entire dress. Lace is in homage to how delicate her mother was. This dress defines elegance with a subtle approach – her rendition of her mother as a dress.


The Isabella

Dora received her first sewing machine at 14 years old. In high school she wore her clothes and people would ask her where she got them. This is the age where she started to get paid to make clothes for other people as a side gig. Growing up in Romania there wasn’t many options for clothing so it was interesting for her to see who had a different style of clothing from other parts of the world. The Isabella was named after her cousin she admired for her style which she described as sexy and Italian. 


The Michelle 

Throughout her life, Dora has never stopped sewing. Even in college or when she was waitressing she would sew on her breaks. She later moved to the United States where she eventually started working for a production company that produced weddings and other events. This is where she was inspired to create wedding dresses. The Michelle was named after a friend of hers she cared for very much. Michelle felt very lonely and Dora understood the feeling as they both left their homes in Romania to build a new life in the United States. Even though Michele is an introvert, Dora made the Michele dress sparkle so that it could bring light in to her life and make the sadness go away. Almost like the night sky even in its darkness the stars still sparkle.


The Viorela 

Designer wedding dresses are mostly hand beaded and sewn. This was a talent Dora honed over years of sewing. So she started doing photo shoots for her dresses. The more she created, the better she got and the more innovative her dresses became. The Viorela was named after her father Viore. Dora met her father later on in life and discovered that he liked to sew as well. In fact he loves unique styles and patterns like she does. He would often get his clothes made and designed for himself. She took this into consideration when creating this dress/pantsuit and made it interchangeable. This is her favorite of the collection and is three outfits in one. The pant suit comes with a train and a skirt that turns it in to a dress. 

Photography:  @findinglightphotography   Dress @ dorasasu   Florals @thebridecandy  Planner @ ohmyoccasions   Hair/makeup @ tashymariemakeup   Model @camicuesta_  Stationary  @tintaypulso   Venue @ penthouserw

Photography: @findinglightphotography
Dress @dorasasu
Florals @thebridecandy
Planner @ohmyoccasions
Hair/makeup @tashymariemakeup
Model @camicuesta_
Stationary @tintaypulso
Venue @penthouserw

Dara started designing dresses full-time a year ago. I think what I love most about Dora’s collection is learning about her story. I think it’s amazing when a dreamer makes their childhood dream a reality. Dora’s devotion for sewing her whole life has manifested beautiful dresses created with love for brides to be. When you wear one, it’s as if you’re wearing love itself. Not only has she made beautiful dresses but touched the hearts of all the women who wear them.

How to deal with loss before your Wedding

Most of us have dealt with the loss of a loved one. No matter if we are prepared for it or not, it can be very heartbreaking. What does one do when you are planning a wedding and a family member passes away? It’s a nightmare turned reality for some unlucky people - one that I’ve seen happen a few times. 

Huge flower to commemorate the loss of a loved one.

Ways to cope 

There is no magic antidote or any medicine that can help you cope with a death of a loved one especially right before such an important time in your life. I think one of the best ways to cope is by making their presence known at your wedding. One of my brides had an ofrenda that is customary in her culture. An offenda is a table filled with photos, candles, and flowers for loved ones who have passed. Right before she walked down the aisle, she visited it and made a prayer. This helped her pay her respects and made her feel complete. Many people choose to do very similar things like having a photo of their loved one on a table where everyone can see. Some even leave an empty chair with a photo of them at the ceremony. You can even add a locket to your bouquet with a photo. These things won’t take your pain away but it will make you feel as though they are there with you and every little reminder of them helps. 

Small tabletop floral arrangement with roses anemones in a copper vase.

It’s ok to cry 

Let it out, it’s OK to cry. You are already going through so many emotions. This is a stressful and very happy time in your life. Losing someone you love is devastating for some. But remind yourself of the love that they had for you. Would they want you to feel this pain on your wedding day? Ask yourself this question and think about how happy they are for you even though they are unable to be there for you physically . This is the time when all of your family members will be together and even though there will be a moment of sadness you will all rejoice with happiness for the love and marriage that has been created.

Hard holding a beautiful white garden rose.

They are always with you 

I believe that the people you love stay with you way after they are gone. They live in our hearts and in our memories. I’ve lost a few people that I love very much and I’ve noticed over time that they have made their presence known to me in some way or another. I’ve had my grandparents visit me in dreams before birthdays, and photos appear in random places at times when I needed them the most. If you believe in life after death we must remember that they will always watch over us and send their love and blessings no matter where they are. 

Floral centerpiece with white tulips and mimosa.

I never like to see my brides go through such a hard time right before an event they have dreamt of for most of their lives. I’ve had brides lose their loved one a day before her wedding. I have seen strength in these beautiful women and I have seen happiness in them too. Death is a part of life – it’s a new chapter and with all new chapters we must accept that they are moving on to a better place. Even though they are no longer with us physically they live in our hearts forever.

Hand holding a small bunch of flowers.

5 Things Every Budget Bride Should Know when Ordering Her Wedding Flowers

White Wedding Centerpeices

Shopping around for your wedding flowers can be fun and exciting. There are so many different styles, color, and flower choices that the possibilities are endless. However a lot of us are so excited that we lose sight of reality and how much these dream weddings cost. So let’s put the vision board away and let’s talk about five things you should know before shopping for wedding flowers.

Blue Bridal Bouquet

Beware of Pinterest

Floral designers both hate and love Pinterest. Pinterest is helpful when looking for examples for your wedding flowers. We often ourselves look for inspiration through Pinterest too! We like to showcase our work on it as well. But beware – what you see on Pinterest is usually the best of the best. So even though you might think it’s inexpensive it can actually cost a lot more than you think. We often see tips and tricks on Pinterest that are inaccurate or misleading. I encourage you to use it as a tool to get to know your style – just be careful not to fall down the Pinterest hole.

White and  Blush centerpiece


Have a budget in mind. I can’t stress this enough – this is the most important thing you can do. We often don’t realize that things add up even if we go with the most budget friendly options. Your florist will ask you for your budget and can steer you in the right direction to make sure you can adapt your vision to your budget. This can save you a lot of time when choosing your florist and your floral options. Keep in mind it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will come out right on the money with budget. But you will avoid getting a $10,000 proposal when your budget is actually $3,000. So come up with a reasonable budget and inspiration and let the professionals do the work for you. Keep in mind you’ll also have to pay for other costs, like set up, breakdown, and labor. Most brides have never ordered wedding flowers before so it’s natural to not know how much things cost and how things work.

Tea Pot Centerpeice

Keep an open mind

We all have a vision of our dream wedding. But when being budget friendly, we should keep an open mind. Give your floral designer a bit of design freedom when creating your wedding flowers. This doesn’t mean not to go with what you want but often times I see very specific details that bring the price up. Remember, florists are the professionals who can help guide you into giving you the look you want for a better price. Find a florist whose design aesthetic you really enjoy – that way you can trust their decisions when creating your dream wedding. Make sure to be clear about what you like and dislike. Budget friendly doesn’t mean not getting the look you want. Any good designer will have your back in this process.

Red Tulip Bouquet


When searching for inspiration photos, we see all these gorgeous flowers that create an intricate and detailed look. Stay away from flowers like peonies, ranunculus, King Protea, orchids and garden roses. These are very trendy but they are very costly as well. Stick to flowers like roses, carnations, stock, and hydrangeas. This doesn’t mean your invoice will come out to be dirt cheap but you can get more for your money this way. If you are truly in love with exotic flowers then try going smaller with your arrangements or mixing budget friendly flowers with a few statement flowers. Also, having lots of greenery does not mean your bill will be cheaper. It takes a lot of greenery to fill up vases and floral installations. Labor is also something we should keep in mind, so even if we go for the most budget friendly of flowers the labor plays a big part in the grand total as well.

Tropical Bridesmaid bouquet

Keep it  small 

The less you get, the less expensive it will be. Try and keep your guest count low. The lower the guest count, the less tables you need, so you’ll need fewer centerpeices. This can also help you get the look you want without having to buy so many of them. Some of the most beautiful weddings are small. Having smaller quantities means being able to spend more per arrangement. I’ve seen small weddings of 30 guests look like big elaborate weddings.  A common mistake I see brides make is having big bridal parties. Even if your bouquets and boutonnieres are budget friendly the more you have to get the more it’s going to cost. For example, let’s say you chose an inexpensive bridesmaids bouquet that’s $30, multiply that by 10 bridesmaids the cost goes up to $300 and that’s not including any of the personals like boutonnieres , corsages, etc.

Sunflower Wedding

Don’t be afraid my love! I’m here to help guide you in the right direction. Don’t be discouraged – your wedding is already beautiful all on its own. You are marrying the love of your life and flowers are the frame for the beautiful fairytale you and your partner have created. We all deserve a beautiful wedding no matter the budget. Have a beautiful day and blessings always.

Destination Bride

Miami is a hub for destination weddings. So it’s common for  people in the wedding industry to work with brides and grooms from all over the globe. Sometimes we don’t get to meet our clients until the day of the wedding. Recently, I created a beautiful tropical themed wedding for a sweetheart named Kaytie. Let’s get to know a little about Kaytie’s story and why she chose to be a deistination bride.

Kaytie admits to selling him lots of shoes and socks just so he would spend time with her (so cute).

Kaytie admits to selling him lots of shoes and socks just so he would spend time with her (so cute).

Why Destination ?

Kaytie is from Minnesota and Nick is from Miami. They meet in North Dakota but now live in Minnesota. Nick was in the air-force and met Kaytie while she was working at a shoe store while in college. So why Miami? Most of Nick’s family lives in Miami and a few can’t travel. So they decided to bring the wedding to them. It was the perfect excuse to enjoy the warm tropical weather in February. Most brides choose a destination wedding because they like to travel and usually choose warm beautiful locations. A wedding is the perfect excuse to make it a vacation, which also makes the wedding experience more fun for the guests. It’s also quite common to choose to do a destination wedding because of family related things. 

Kaytie: “We were both obsessed with the arch for the ceremony. It was exactly what we wanted. I also loved the bouquets, they were beautiful and we got so many compliments on everything.”  Me:  Blushes

Kaytie: “We were both obsessed with the arch for the ceremony. It was exactly what we wanted. I also loved the bouquets, they were beautiful and we got so many compliments on everything.”

Me: Blushes

Adventurous Wedding Style

Most of my destination brides choose a style to reflect the location of their wedding. They choose to make their wedding experience feel like they are in a different part of the world. Kaytie was one of those brides. She and Nick wanted the beach to be the focus of attention when it came to decoration . They chose tropical greenery to match the aesthetic of the tropical foliage in South Florida. It was sleek, timeless, and elegant, giving you the feeling of adventure and romance. She and her husband are modest in style and chose neutral colors and flowers. Kaytie’s dress flowed in the wind as she walked. It was really romantic and she looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle.


Traveling Love 

I asked Kaytie what her favorite part of the wedding was. She said she loved seeing both their families intertwined. They have family from all over the country. It meant the world to her that people came from all over to celebrate her and Nick’s love. I think she speaks for most destination brides. What could be more wonderful than to experience another part of the world with the people you love most? Weddings are magical and romantic and are the essence of celebrating love. This is the perfect way to get the perfect wedding setting. 


My favorite part 

The destination bride is a woman who seeks to celebrate love with adventure. What I love about my destination brides is the experience of meeting someone from far away and making their wedding dreams come true. I have met so many amazing women from all over. My favorite part of Kaytie’s wedding was when I was leaving - I felt someone hug me from behind and say “I loved everything, thank you”. It was her, and that’s a memory that I will always remember. I not only got to meet a sweet girl from Minnesota full of love and adventure but I also got to make her wedding day just a little bit more beautiful. Kaytie, thank you for choosing me as your florist! It was my honor to create your wedding day flowers and to get to know you and learn your love story .

I sometimes never meet my destination brides until the day of the wedding. Through emails and phone calls I get to learn about each one in the process and who they are as a person. I’ve met some pretty amazing, interesting people. It’s one of the things I love most about my job.

I sometimes never meet my destination brides until the day of the wedding. Through emails and phone calls I get to learn about each one in the process and who they are as a person. I’ve met some pretty amazing, interesting people. It’s one of the things I love most about my job.

The Millennial Bride

Members of Generation Y (millennials) were born between 1980 and 2000. This generation usually prefers to combine personalized and traditional wedding elements to create a unique wedding. For example some brides choose a unique way to display the tradition “something blue”. I’ve seen brides wear blue shoes , blue jewelry, even blue dresses making the tradition of something blue become a statement. The millennial bride knows that traditional never goes out of style but making it your own tailors it to you. 

Millennial Bride Fashion 

The Millennial bride goes beyond just her wedding dress for her bridal fashion. Of course she has to look fly for all of her occasions (all for the gram ). From bridal bathing suits, bride bags, and wifey jean jackets, the millennial bride knows life is a fashion show. Her wedding dress tends to be romantic and timeless in style. This bride breaks all the rules that need to be broken while keeping things classic and chic. 

Millennial Music

The Millennial bride’s music choices may include anything from country to rock to techno music. The 90’s music culture made this bride one of the cool kids. She will definitely ditch the 90’s fashion (or maybe not) but the millennial bride wants to have fun and relive childhood memories with her friends and family. This bride digs the oldies but holds her dress up so she can definitely twerk too. Often times this bride will chose live music and a DJ too.

Insta Bride 

The millennial bride will likely find her wedding vendors through Instagram and if she doesn’t, she will definitely check their vendor’s insta handles for sure. The millennial bride is #BrideAF. She will make sure to #hashtag everything and have fun doing it too. What’s more fun than getting your #bridessquad matching shirts with a hashtag? This bride is tech savvy and will document everything via iPhone. She’ll also change her relationship status on her wedding night . 

This Millennial bride is more than just a generation. She is the one who will carry the torch to the daughter after her. She will teach them to be themselves but value their traditions. Often we hear the word Millennial thrown around in a negative way and I hope this has helped bring a positive view to this generation. I wonder what the next generation of bride will be like. For now, I am enjoying hearing Backstreet Boys with these Millennial brides.  

6 Most Romantic Wedding venues in Miami

6 Most Romantic Wedding Venues in Miami

Miami is truly a magical city. From its tropical sunsets to its beautiful weather, its no wonder why so many brides want to have their wedding in Miami. But with so many venue options, how do you know where to start? Here’s our choices for the top six most romantic wedding venues in Miami.

Deering Estate

The historic Deering Estate, sister to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, was the home of Charles Deering. The stone house was built in the 1920’s and the beautiful architecture mimics the era in which it was built. As you walk toward the house you are surrounded by lush tropical hammocks. The grounds have a breathtaking view of Biscayne Bay where most Wedding ceremonies take place. The Harbor is is lined with palm trees and as you gaze upon the bay it almost looks like you are sitting on the water itself.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is one of the most breathtaking venues I have ever seen. It was owned by the late James Deering, brother to Charles Deering of Deering Estate (above). The estate is surrounded by subtropical forests and the structures built around the property make it look like it came straight out of a fairytale. The main house is so grandiose, every crevice of the building is filled with fine detail. When you look up you can see art painted on the tall ceilings of the property. The back terrace opens up to the water of Biscayne bay where most wedding receptions take place. Wedding ceremonies usually take place on top of a garden mound where a gorgeous structure stands. It is the perfect place to host an extravagant wedding celebration.

Villa Woodbine

villa woodbine wedding .jpg

Villa Woodbine is both grand and intimate. When you enter the Villa, you are greeted by a beautiful fountain in the middle of the courtyard. You can hear the fountain trickling as you explore the property. The villa has so many attributes, such as a staircase perfect for grand entrances, two fireplaces, and a giant oak tree where most ceremonies take place. This venue is filled with photo-worthy spots. It’s no wonder its been featured by bridal blogs and magazines. It is truly a gorgeous gem.

The Biltmore Hotel

The Biltmore Hotel was built by George Merrick who called it “The castle in the sky”. It lives up to its name as it stands in the center of the historic city of Coral Gables. When you enter the main foyer, there are grand painted vaulted ceilings. The Biltmore Hotel has 4 ballrooms on the property, all of which are filled with crystal chandeliers, tall ceilings and big windows. Its over the top aesthetic makes it the perfect place for a royal wedding.

The Ancient Spanish Monastery

the ancient spanish monistery .jpg

The Ancient Spanish Monastery feels like you are in a different part of the world. It should feel that way because it’s not from Miami. Originally built in Spain in 1141 AD, its original name was The Monastery of our Lady queen of Angels. In the 1950’s it was rebuilt in Miami Florida. The Cloisters of the Ancient Spanish Monastery are the perfect backdrop for a royal themed wedding. This venue is not just filled with history but it truly gives your guests an experience like no other.

Curtiss Mansion

curtiss mansion.jpg

The Curtiss Mansion is not only romantic but is one of Miami’s most unique venues. Designed in the Pueblo Revival style, Curtiss Mansion was constructed in 1925 by Glenn Hammond Curtiss. It has multiple wedding ceremony areas that cater to your unique style. The courtyard, home to most receptions, makes for a whimsical setting perfect for a romance-filled wedding. This venue also has a ton of history so make sure you check it out.

No matter which venue you choose in Miami, you’ll be able to take advantage of the city’s amazing charm and beauty. Lean into the natural beauty of the venue to make the most out of your wedding. The Bride Candy does floral design in all of these venues and many more, so please reach out if you’re looking for advice on how to make your special day in Miami even more beautiful.

Things people don’t tell you about your Engagement

Beautiful photos taken in The Biltmore Hotel coral gables Miami Florida Photography by laylle digital media

Chritoper Plaza kisses his fiancé at the Biltmore Hotel ballroom in Miami Florida while holding a rose

I recently got engaged to the love of my life. I must say this has been an experience like no other. I think we all at one point wondered what this part of our lives would be like. So I thought I would write a little about my experience and give advice to those who need it or will need it in the future. There are so many feelings that come with this chapter of your life. It may surprise you but it deffinently will change you.

All Love stories are different

We all have imagined in our head of how our engagement happens. Maybe you pictured a room full of candles in a château in Paris with a piano playing as your fiancé goes down on one knee. It’s quite possible that your partner may just ask you in your living room while wearing pajamas. Let’s face it, not everyone is marrying Mr. Grey. Even if the engagement itself was magical, after everything goes back to normal. In my career I have meet so many couples. Some have very interesting stories and others, not so much but theres one big thing in common …. love. Love is beautiful all on its own. Not everything is like they are in the movies. No matter how it happened our love stories are beautiful. Even if you’re in pj’s ;).

Relationships will grow and some will fade

We all experience things in different ways but I think we can all agree that as we grow people grow with us or drift apart. Not everyone is going to be happy for you. Its a hard pill to swallow, but its not because of you. Its very difficult for some people to be happy for someone else when they are not happy themselves. Some may feel as though you’re riding off to into the sunset and leaving them. On the other hand those relationships that truly matter will grow. In my experience this part of my life reminded me of my true friendships. Not only do they get to be there for such a great time in your life but they will be there for you when things get tough. Any transition in life is going to teach you many lessons. You are growing and just like a rose as you blossom petals will fall to allow you to open to your fullest.

Its exciting and scary

In my experience this has been such an exciting time in my life but I would be lying if I said it didn’t scare me. Even though I knew Jeremy wanted to marry me I was afraid he would freak out and walk away. He didn't and it was the most magical moment in my life. Our relationship changed, we were no longer just boyfriends, he’s my fiancé and it was time for us to start acting like husbands. Planning a wedding is fun and exciting (just like marriage) but once you start crunching numbers and writing a guest list, this is the time things start getting real. We both have had our moments but at the end we know with all of our heart we want to live the rest of our lives together. So when things get scary look towards each other not away. Do things at your pace, Together you can do anything.

Things change

For the most part everything is the way it was. Your routine is the same, none of your problems go away and yes you’ll get on each other’s nerves from time to time. There’s a few things that do change. Theres this feeling of security and validation you get from your partner knowing you made the official choice to take the next step. Everything you worked for in this relationship is paying off and growing into something so beautiful. Just when you didn’t think you could love each other any more, BOOM it grew. Fiance …. you won’t get tired of saying that for a while, I know I haven’t. You start evaluating your choices and thinking, damn I did good. This is it, you are now transitioning in to building a marraige. There a shift in a relationship that you can feel radiating from each other. You’ll see a different side to your partner and most importantly in yourself.

The silver lining 

You’re getting married! This is your engagement and your fiancé and yourself are changing for the better. This staple in your life will prepare you for what’s to come. You are starting a new chapter and it’s natural to experience different emotions. Some relationships will grow and the people you let go will make room for the positive things in life. Most importantly stay present. This is a beautiful time in your life and if you are not careful it will fly by you. Only you can make you happy and now you have someone who is going to be by your side forever. To whoever is reading this have a beautiful day and most importantly love yourself.